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Anxiety: How to Take Your Power Back

Apr 3, 2022

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Most of the time when you find yourself feeling anxious, you’re likely anxious or stressed about situations that haven’t even happened yet…

In fact most of the time you probably experience anxiety about situations that will likely NEVER even happen at all.

You fear the unknown. You fear not being about to handle whatever it is *IF* it happens…

When you experience this type of unrest, you’re simply out of alignment with your own self-awareness and self-trust! When you are in alignment with self-trust, nothing can shake you, because you trust that you can handle anything, no matter how big, bad, or scary a situation feels. .

Because the truth is, you really will be able to handle whatever happens to you and you are worthy of believing in that for yourself too.

And any anxious thought that makes you think you aren’t worthy of trusting yourself enough to handle whatever life throws at you is just your inner critic talking. Do you really want your inner critic in charge of your life experience? Likely not…

So whenever you feel unworthy of trusting yourself to handle whatever life throws at you, it’s up to you to stand up to your inner critic and remind that part of you who The Boss is…

I’ll help you remember right now that:

That’s right, you are the boss of your own mind and you get to chose which thoughts have power over your life. This is how you take your power back over your anxiety. Remind yourself that you get to chose what thoughts you “subscribe to” and which thoughts you look at and say “that’s my inner critic and its BS”.

Don’t listen to your inner critic anymore, trust me, it has no real purpose other than to test you and drive you nuts!

How do you just stop listening to your inner critic? Start by turning down the volume…

You can tune out the noise of your inner critic by being more intention with your own thoughts. Replacing fear based thoughts with thoughts that help you build your self-trust!

Aligning with full self-trust isn’t something that will happen overnight, but the more you think empowering thoughts that inspire self-trust, the less control your inner critic will have over you to make you feel so anxious all the time…

A quick way to start doing this is working with some powerful affirmations right away to help build your own self-trust. Here are some below…

“I am safe. I am calm. I am in charge of my thoughts”

“Everyday in every way I am learning to trust myself more and more”

“I have the power to overcome anything life throws at me”

Find one affirmation that feels most aligned for you and start working with it each day or whenever you start to feel stressed or anxious. Self-trust is most powerful anxiety eliminator! Because while we know we can’t control the things that happen in our lives, we can control how we respond to it. We can have faith that we can overcome whatever it is, no matter how bad things seem.

You’ve overcome some pretty hard shit in the past and you can trust that you can overcome whatever you’re anxious about right now.

Feel the freedom that just gave you?

Now remember, this is a process of healing so be patient with yourself as you embark on this journey into self-trust and keep in mind that if it’s a deep rooted pattern you’ve been struggling with for YEARS (anxiety) then I highly recommend looking into getting more personalized support and booking a 1:1 session so we can get to the root of what’s actually causing your anxiety.

Most of the time what you’re anxious about on the surface isn’t the actual problem, it’s something much deeper in your subconscious mind and with hypnotherapy we can get to the root of what that is in one session simply by accessing the power of your subconscious mind. This is an internal experience into the internal wilderness that is YOU. This is where your truth lies. This is where true healing and transformation happens…

A wise teacher once told me…

“you close your eyes so you can see”

This could not be further from the truth, especially as it relates to subconscious healing.

Click here to submit and application for 1:1 support. I’ll reach out and we can discuss if this is a good fit for you or not right now.

Sending you so much love and all the power you need to silence your inner critic!

You got this 🙂

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