The Self-Mastery Series

Becoming your very own secret weapon.

Here’s the thing, as an entrepreneur set out to achieve out-of-this-world results, the limitations of the regular world cannot come with you. The defaulted standards, thoughts and shoulds, the programmed fear, limiting beliefs and “you sure you don’t want a regular job?” conversations.

You’ve used your conscious mind to get you this far, now let’s use your unconscious mind to 10x those results.

  • NWorkshop Series to Master The 3 Key Areas of Self
  • N3 Subconscious Visualization Sessions
  • NInstant AND Lifetime Access

In the Self-Mastery Series, we’re uncovering, dissolving, and mastering the THREE key areas of self:

Your Mind

Identify and uncover societal and generational limitations that are sneakily holding your back (aka: the limiting beliefs and stories you were told as a child about money, success, and what’s possible for you)

Your Emotions

Rewire defaulted emotional behavior that’s sabotaging your success (aka: the emotional patterns and triggers that keep you stuck in the same fear based cycles and slow down your success).

Your Energy

Break free from the influences and distractions of external frequencies that disrupt your focus. Unleash your unique energy and fully experience it, allowing you to share your authentic self with the world.

Does this sound familiar…

  • NYou’re struggling with self-sabotage and it’s keeping you stuck on the entrepreneurial hamster wheel
  • NYou constantly feel like you’re taking 2 steps forward and then 1 giant step back
  • NYou can’t get out of your own way and are wasting hours of your time and talent (plus, leaving money on the table!)
  • NYou’re playing small and only using a small fraction of your potential and your bank account reflects that
  • NYou know you’re made for so much more than you’re settling for in your life
  • NThe years passing by and you knowing you could be so much further ahead than where you are now
  • NYou’re ready to own your gifts, live out your potential, and truly enjoy your life

Imagine if…

  • NYou could eliminate the unconscious mindset blocks that are holding you back from achieving 7-figures?
  • NYou could get out of your own way, quantum leap into your next level of success, and live like the 1%?
  • NFeel like you’re actually living out your full potential?
  • NAchieve your goals without grinding yourself into the ground or burning out?

The Self-Mastery Series is for you if you want to build a life that most people can’t fathom. you know you’re made for MORE, you know you’re here to make a large impact, and you CRAVE exploring your fullest potential.

In the Self-Mastery Series, we’re uncovering, dissolving and mastering the 3 key areas of self:

Each training includes a 25 min subconscious visualization session to reprogram your subconscious mind and a workbook with specific prompts to help you go deeper and implement what you learned in the training.

Training 1: Master Your Mind:

Uncover the limitations in your mind that aren’t yours and exist within your unconscious mind

20 min subconscious visualization:
“Eliminate unconscious mindset blocks”

Training 2: Master Your Emotions

Rewire defaulted emotional behavior that’s sabotaging your success

20 min subconscious visualization:
“Take your power back over your emotions”

Training 3: Master Your Energy

Break the cycle of being influenced or distracted by other frequencies around you and fully tap into your unique energy so you can experience it and share it with the world.

20 min subconscious visualization:
“Align with your highest level of energy”

How It Works

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The Self-Mastery Series is NOT…

  • MA mindset and personal development program that repeats the same stuff you’ve already read in books
  • MAnother program filled with endless information that you can’t implement
  • MA boring training that you never end up finishing or doing anything with

The Self-Mastery Series IS a binge-worthy 3 part training series that is going to fill your brain with mind blowing self-mastery tools that will serve you and stay with you for LIFE.

You’ll get clear action steps to start implementing these tools immediately…so NO, this is not another “in one ear” and out the other type of training series…

The self-mastery series will have you thinking about the information you learned inside long after you finish the training series.

You’ll want to watch this series again and again and again!

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The Self-Mastery Series

Are you done playing small and ready to break through the glass ceiling in your mind so you can leap into your next level?

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Are you done playing small and ready to break through the glass ceiling in your mind so you can leap into your next level?

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