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1:1 subconscious mindset coaching & hypnotherapy.

Are you ready to break through the unconscious mindset blocks keeping you stuck and step into your next level of success & abundance?

Unlock Your Next Level

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Does this sound familiar?

Do you struggle with self-sabotage? 

You have big goals for yourself but you constantly find yourself stuck in the same cycles and can’t get out of your own way even though you know you’re made for more? 

Or perhaps you’re aware that you have unhealed traumas and inner wounding that keeps you in a vicious cycle of bad habits and prevents you from living out your full potential each day?

Whether you’re struggling to make more money, reach a big goal, clear inner child blocks, sleep better, reduce your anxiety, or heal from deep rooted trauma…

Rewiring your subconscious can help you once and for all!

here’s the truth…

True and lasting transformation is possible for you!

I’m here to tell you that no matter how hard you’ve tried or how many times you’ve failed, true and lasting transformation is possible for you!

And I want you to know you’re NOT the issue!

The issue is you’re trying to make change on a conscious level instead of rewiring your subconscious blueprint…

Your subconscious mind is the control center of everything you do in your life…

And it’s responsible for everything you’re experiencing in yourself right now!

The good news?

You can rewire your entire subconscious blueprint with subconscious mindset coaching & hypnotherapy!

How does it work…

Step 1

Submit an intake form (please be as specific as possible about what you’re struggling with and you’d like to achieve from our 1:1 work together). 


Step 2

I will review your application and reach out via text within 24-48 hours (business days) to let you know if I can help, pricing, and the next steps if we decide this is a good fit.

Step 3

We meet on zoom and let the transformation begin!!!

Benefits of 1:1 Subconscious Coaching & Hypnotherapy 

You will get:

Do It Anywhere

Do it on Zoom from the comfort of your own home (video on or off!)

See Results Fast

Feel massive shifts & results in as little as ONE session!


Custom session packages for your specific goals and lifestyle

Learn More About working 1:1 coaching & hypnotherapy sessions

How do I get started?

Step 1 is to click here and complete the intake form. Once you apply, you will hear back from Gianna in 24-48 business hours (M-F) about your next steps!

What happens after I submit my application?
After you submit your application, Gianna will review it and reach out via Text or email with next steps based on your form. Gianna will customize the best plan of action and share pricing etc. If everything aligns, you will get your invoice paid, book your first session, and start onboarding you a new client!
Why do I have to apply first?
Gianna currently has limited availability for 1:1/high-touch hypnotherapy sessions so all new clients must first go through an initial application process to ensure this is a good fit. This makes your results rate even faster!
How much is one session?

Single sessions start at ~$400/session. If you purchase a custom package, this would make the per session rate a bit less. 

Do you offer packages?

Yes! I offer custom packages based on the client’s needs. All 1:1 hypnotherapy services are customized to the client or organization.

Do you work with groups, teams, and masterminds?
YES! I work with many intimate groups and I absolutely love it! If you’re a business owner, team leader, or would love to bring hypnotherapy sessions in for your clients or mastermind groups, submit the application above and write that you are applying for a group. Please specify the group type and what you’d like the group to achieve/experience by offering the practice of Hypnotherapy.
How do I prepare for my first session?

Before your first session you complete a short form. You can prepare for your session by setting aside time in a comfortable/safe place for you to relax.

You’ll also want to have headphones for an amplified experience. I personally recommend noise canceling headphones, but if you don’t have those, any type of headphones will work beautifully.

How does hypnotherapy work?

Such a great question! I love answering this one. Click here to learn all about hypnotherapy and how it works.

How many sessions will it take for me to see results?
You will feel incredible results after just ONE session! If you’re working on a deeper rooted subconscious issue you will need 3-6 months of bi-weekly 1:1 sessions for a full transformation. This is very specific to the person and is the reason why I customize packages for you!
Does virtual hypnotherapy work?
YES! And it’s absolutely amazing! In fact, being in the comfort of your own environment makes the experience of hypnotherapy even more powerful. Virtual sessions allow for a deeper experience because if you’re comfortable, you’ll be able to relax deeper. And the deeper you relax the greater your subconscious transformation will be.
What is your reschedule policy?

You are more than welcome to reschedule your session 24-48 hours prior to your appointment without penalty.

Who this is for…

This is for you if you’re an entrepreneur, high-achiever, or any individual on a self-growth journey who’s sick and tired of…

  • NNot moving forward on your goals…
  • NBeing stuck in the same painful mindset battles day after day…
  • NSabotaging yourself with the same bad habits and emotional patterns over and over again…
  • NHave unhealed trauma…
  • NStruggle with anxiety, stress, and feel burnt out right now…
  • NTrying new things over and over again to help you heal but only provide a short-term quick fix…

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