See what everyone is saying.

“In my first session I figured out the money blocks that had been blocking my next level in business”


“Before my session I had so much anger in my belly and now feel alignment and relaxation”


“I have gone from comfortably selling a $2K program to selling a $9K program, which was a massive step for me”


“This has been a total revelation for me”


“Holy shit you are missing out if you have not worked with Gianna yet! She got to the inner root of what need to be worked on so I could step into the next phase of my business. It was powerful and actionable”


“I cannot believe the difference it has made in my business and my personal life! I cannot recommend hypnotherapy enough with Gianna!” 


Elle Bright

“Gianna’s ability, as an entrepreneur herself, to completely understand your struggles is priceless. In just a couple of sessions she helped me to quieten my ego, trust myself more, and level up in showing up for myself and my business. Your mind is your most powerful ally – to gain knowledge and learn and grow and succeed from applying it – but the challenges we face as entrepreneurs constantly tigger self-preservation mechanisms in our subconscious mind and what we feel is resistance. Gianna helps you find the source of that resistance in your inner mind and give it permission to serve you instead of holding you back.!”



“Gianna’s Hypnosis sessions are a must for anyone struggling with mental health, limiting beliefs and fears holding them back from being truly happy and living up to their greatest potential. I’ve done so much subconscious rewiring and healing work through her sessions that wouldn’t have been possible if I didn’t find her! She has a level of expertise with hypnotherapy for entrepreneurs that is a rare find. She’s been there herself and that’s why she cares so deeply for her clients and students. “


Michael Jones

 “I contacted Gianna for help in getting past some mental roadblocks holding me back from the goals I wanted to achieve in my life and my business.
She was able to quickly zero in on the underlying issue and then walk me through some very specific steps to overcome those roadblocks
In less than 2 hours I was able to clear issues that had been holding me back for almost a year and she was able to give me a roadmap that I continue to use even after our session.”


See What Everyone Is Saying