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Getting Into Your Flow State

Apr 3, 2022

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As a busy go getter you want to get as much done as possible every day…

You want to be successful and because you are success minded,  you may have heard the term FLOW STATE and wondered if flow state productivity is real…

It is 100% REAL… 

But you can’t get into your *flow state* if you’re stressed out all the time trying to do 3,0000 different things at once to reach a goal…


You’ll hustle yourself so hard into the ground that you *might* get a lot done, but eventually you’ll completely burn out. 

Hustle culture is sending you in the opposite direction. It’s sending you in the direction of stress vs flow state…

**Stress = procrastination, perfectionism, indecision, disconnection, exhaustion, and the list goes on!

**Flow = productivity, alignment, decisiveness, inspired action taking, creativity, fun, clarity, momentum etc!!!

So even if you have big goals and a lot to do, keep relaxation at the top of your to-do lists.

Because when you do make taking time for yourself a priority…

You’ll get even more done with ease and flow! 

And you’ll feel happy and healthy in the process!

Claim this for yourself by adding at least ONE relaxation practice to your daily list!

Mine is: yoga + meditation in the morning and hypnosis at night! 

What about you!?

When you start to bring more FLOW into your daily life, you’ll naturally begin to have more FLOW in everything else you do… 

Which means more productivity! It’s a win-win situation… 

You relax more and as a result you get more valuable work done. 

Makes you wonder why we as a society have spent so much time burning ourselves out for success?

Well, that’s a conversation for another blog post but I will say…

We as a society are waking up and transforming the social & generational “bondage of burnout” that society has trained us to believe is “normal” because we are now learning…it’s not normal!

And because you’re here reading this blog and doing this deep work on yourself, you are breaking the cycle already right now… 

So let’s take some action shall we? 

What’s ONE relaxation practice you can add to your daily routine? One that you can seriously commit to for the long term? 

Reflect on it and then go put it into action!!! 

AKA: put it into your calendar and hold yourself accountable, you’re worthy of it! 

Sending you so much love and all the FLOW state vibes 🙂 


3 Subconscious Hacks for High-Performance Mindset

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Gianna Badot

Gianna Badot

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