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“In my first session I had the biggest breakthrough about what was blocking my next level in my business!”


“Gianna does such incredible work! It’s amazing!”


 “I cannot believe the difference it has made in my business and my personal life!”

-Brian M

Don’t ignore this crucial component of success…

If you’re stressed, anxious, or working on a BIG goal right now and have known (or unknown) mindset blocks that are getting in the way of your overall state of mental health, well-being, and productivity…

You probably already know you need to do something to focus and calm your mind every single day to feel like your best self!

Maybe you’ve tried meditation on your own and felt like it was too hard to stick with it consistently without getting bored or getting distracted…

Or maybe you’ve never tried anything to support your mindset but you’re ready to take charge of the narrative in your mind and the way you feel every single day now…

Sound familiar?

Well, if this sounds like you…

It’s time to press play on The Inpowered App!

Get ready to watch your life totally transform from the inside out in as little as 5 minutes a day by working with the all-powerful subconscious mind!

What you plant into your subconscious mind expands and grows! Hypnosis and meditation is the best way to plant powerful seeds that will help you intentionally take charge of your life.

The Inpowered App has made it super simple for you to do just that!

All you have to do is make yourself cozy, press play, close your eyes, and The Inpowered App will take it from there!

When you download the app, you’ll instantly unlock audios on topics such as:

Unshakeable Confidence

Power Focus

Rewiring Procrastination


Trusting Others

Releasing Anxiety


Inner Child Healing


Rewiring Bad Habits

Abundance Alignment

Money Mindset

Highest Self Alignment

Fear of Failure

Releasing Fears

Confidence In Your Work

Sleep + Relaxation

Cord Cutting

Future Self Visualization

Energy Alignment

Releasing Emotional Addiction

And so much more!!!

Audio sessions range from as short as 5 minutes to 35 minutes so there’s always a session that will fit your lifestyle.

How To Get Started

The Inpowered App has you covered in every area of your life, no matter what you’re working on right now and you can experience mental freedom in as little as 5 minutes!

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Choose a topic you’d like to focus on…
Close your eyes… And press play!

Repeat Daily!

The Inpowered App is designed to be used daily in as little as 5 minutes!

Experiencing total freedom from the limitations of your mind.

Effortlessly accomplishing your goals, allowing more and more abundance to flow to you, and feeling calmer than you ever felt in the process of it all…

This is what’s possible for you and you’re worthy of experiencing it all right now…

All you have to do is choose to make a shift today….

Click download below now and we’ll do this together…

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Most people think they have to “effort” or “will” their way to success, but this often just leads to burn out. The true path to health, wealth, and success is unlocking the power of your subconscious mind.

By working with the power of your subconscious mind you can rewire the mindset blocks keeping you stuck and become an intentional creator of your reality.

The more you use your subconscious mind, the more power you will begin to have over your life and mental state.

Which is exactly why the repetition of daily hypnosis and meditation sessions specially created to rewire your subconscious mind on The Inpowered App can help you do just that!

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Can I cancel my subscription at any time?

We would hate to see you go! But, yes, you can cancel your subscription at any time.

**Annual and Lifetime memberships are both non-refundable.

What’s the difference between hypnosis and meditation?
Hypnosis and meditation compliment each other beautifully and will support you in creating a more grounded, calm, and fulfilling life. The main difference you’ll find is that the inpowered hypnosis recordings focus on rewiring a specific “mindset block” or subconscious healing practices around a specific topic and the Inpowered meditation sessions are focused on experiencing more mindfulness, calm, and alignment with self in a more general/simple way.

Put simply, hypnosis will help you rewire your mind and meditation will help center your mind. We need both!

I recommend using both mindset practices every day if possible. For example, my routine is I practice meditation in the morning and do a hypnosis recording in the evening. Find what works best for you and your lifestyle and commit to it, you definitely won’t regret it.

What if I’ve never done hypnosis before?
You are in a state of hypnosis every single day without even realizing it. Hypnosis is not “scary mind control tactics” or like what you see at a magic show. Hypnosis is a natural state that simply allows you to deeply relax your mind and body.

In this deeply relaxed state, your subconscious mind is highly suggestible, which means anything you tell your subconscious mind, it will believe to be true. This is why hypnosis is so powerful, you are simply taking charge of the narrative in your mind and rewiring/deleting old programming that non longer serves you.

So if you’re scared to try it because you’ve never done it, now you know you actually already have! You are experiencing hypnosis every single day already.

The Inpowered App has a variety of incredible hypnosis recordings on many different topics and for different time durations so there’s one perfect for you no matter where you’re at on your journey or how much time you have in schedule.

How often do you upload new recordings and content to the app?
We upload 1 new meditation or hypnosis audio recording along with tons of bonus content each month.
How can I access The Inpowered App?
You can access your audio recordings on your mobile device, desktop, and on our custom app of course!
Where can I download The Inpowered App?
You can download The Inpowered App on both iTunes and Google Play.
How will I be able to access my audio recordings?

You can access your audio recordings across your mobile device, desktop, and on our custom app of course!

Can I access it on mobile?
Yes, The Inpowered App’s platform is accessible on your mobile device and desktop.
How long will I have access to my audio recordings?
You will have access to the audio recordings for as long as your subscription is active.

If you are a lifetime subscriber, you will have access to all audio recordings and educational content for life. This includes access to all NEW content that will be consistently uploaded each month. Which means, you’ll be fully set up with all the fresh and new self-growth and mindset tools you’ll ever need!

Are you ready to unlock 30+ epic hypnosis and meditation recordings to help you totally upgrade your mindset and master your emotional state?

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